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Saturday, July 27, 2013

the test


it is hard to write because whenever you want to write something,it only revolves around yourself missing and thinking about your husband.that is true enough for me.i have lots to say and write here but by the time i want to start writing,all i think about is him. in this special month,Ramadhan,i wish i could break fast and go for tarawih prayer with him because this is our first Ramadhan together.however, we are together in a special way.being apart keep us very very close in terms of expressing our emotions.sometimes i feel that he is not in Lebanon.ok enough with the love is in the air,haha

even though we are not able to experience things that others do during Ramadhan and celebrating Eid together, i am thankful for Allah has given me the strength to endure this. i am blessed with great family and my family in law who are here for me and always try to cheer me up whenever i feel bad being alone.i do feel sad and jealous at the same time,seeing other couples going to and fro together.i wish i could be like them but the best is yet to come,insyaAllah.

if you get to see your husband every single day,it is a blessing.
if you get to see your husband once a week,you are a lucky wife.
if you get to see your husband once a month,you are a lucky wife too.
if you get to see your husband once a year,treasure every moment.

it's nothing,really.just want you to know that nothing's gonna change my love for you,iskandar.