lil precious

Thursday, April 11, 2013

6 months 3 weeks

i really don't have the time to write here.i do have the intention to write but i'm too lazy,i be exact,me and iskandar have been married for 6 months n 3 fast time flies.if i were to be 'bunting pelamin', i will be having my 5months baby bump.kui2..we are so looking forward to it..=) having a new member in the family.

i don't have problem with people asking me when i am going to get pregnant since me and iskandar are having long distance relationship right is a relief! sometimes when people keep asking the same question,feels suffocated and wanted to dissappear.vanish in the thin air.haha

come on,people! having a zuriat is a gift from Allah.if it is meant to be then it will..just keep working on it,always make doa so one day you'll conceive and alhamdulillah!it's a girl/a boy.

p/s: mind your fertile zone.ngehehe =p